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Healthcare Directory—Diagnostic Imaging Services at Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital and Noyes Health Services

Diagnostic Imaging Services at Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital and Noyes Health Services


Welcome to Diagnostic Imaging Services at Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital and Noyes Health Services. We are committed to providing the highest quality technical service in diagnostic imaging while meeting the individual needs of each patient.  Our imaging professionals are committed to providing you with a “home town” touch while expertly meeting your personal examination needs.  To reach the Noyes office please call (585) 335-4235, to reach the Noyes Health Services office, please call (585) 991-6016.

Noyes Diagnostic Imaging Services

General X-ray
General X-ray procedures such as Chest x-rays for lung diseases, Extremity (arms & legs) and Spine exams for fractures, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other bone pathologies are offered at both facilities. Portable work in the OR, patient’s room and ER can also be performed with state-of-the-art equipment designed to meet the emergency needs of patients.

Specialized X-ray
Procedures such as Barium Enemas for colon diseases, Upper GI series and Esophagrams for gastroesophageal reflux are offered at Noyes Hospital using a Fluoroscope (x-ray) machine.  This machine provides real time x-ray images allowing the observation of the contrast material.

16 Slice Spiral CTScan
A CT (computed Tomography) scan, often called CATScan is a painless examination that gives the physician an unobstructed view of organs and structures that cannot be seen clearly on conventional x-ray. The CT scan combines a sophisticated x-ray system with a high-speed computer to produce a precise picture of the body, allowing the physician to see tissue and bone structures in fine detail.

Some procedures require oral contrast 1-hour prior to the exam. This aids in the visualization of the internal organs. Some procedures also require an iodinated contrast given intravenously to enhance the vascular structures. Your technologist will explain all procedures thoroughly.

Spiral CT exams are performed at Noyes Hospital only.


Nicholas H. Noyes Memorial Hospital

111 Clara Barton Street
Dansville New York 14437
Livingston County
Phone: 585-335-4236

Location Comments: toll free: (877) 523-6211

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Noyes Health Services

50 East South Street (20A)
Geneseo New York 14454
Livingston County
Phone: 585-991-6016

Location Comments: toll free: (877) 523-6210

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