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Healthcare Directory—Monroe Medi-Trans (Monroe Ambulance)

Monroe Medi-Trans (Monroe Ambulance)


(Wheelchair, Ambulette & Stretcher Van) To Schedule Transportation (585)-454-6211


1669 Lyell Avenue
Rochester New York 14606
Monroe County
Phone: 585-454-6211

Location Comments: Ambulette Services: We provide medically supervised transports for patients needing transport with minimal assistance (i.e., patients able to move, sit, and walk on their own with slight assistance, such as those traveling home from same day surgery). Stretcher Van Transportation: Our newest type of patient transportation. A stretcher van is a service provided for those who are medically stable and must lie flat, however do not require medical attention (for example, a patient returning home from the hospital who must remain lying down during transport due to a body cast). Patients are taken from point to point lying in a stretcher designed to fit inside one of our wheelchair mobiles. This service also applies for patients who are medically stable, must lie flat, and can supply and maintain their own oxygen. Wheelchair Transportation: Transportation for people in wheelchairs is provided on a twenty-four hour basis. This service is performed by trained commercial drivers for events such as: medical appointments, hospital discharges, sporting events, or family gatherings. All information is entered into out state of the art Computer Aided Dispatch system to help ensure prompt service.

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