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Medical research being an integral part of the Rochester healthcare landscape, the Rochester-area offers many opportunities for individuals and patients to participate in important and ongoing clinical research in the form of Clinical Trials. Displayed below are Rochester-area organizations recruiting local study participants—click on the website links to be directed to the oraganization website for more information. For information on understanding Clinical Trials please visit Understanding Clinical Trials. Click to search a registry of federally and privately supported clinical trials conducted in the United States. is a service of the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH).

AAIR Research Center

AAIR Research Center: Dedicated to Improving Your Present and Future Heath through clinical research. AAIR Research Center has been conducting clinical trials together with pharmaceutical companies for over 40 years. AAIR Research conducts clinical trials in asthma, allergies, osteoarthritis, COPD, fibromyalgia, Raynaud's Phenomenon and auto immune diseases including, systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjogren's Syndrome. People join in a study to help themselves and to help others. The medication being tested may improve health and quality of life in those being studied. The end result of the study may be a discovery that could help people now and in future generations all across the country and around the world. Visit our website and Facebook page to see about joining a study.

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Rochester Clinical Research

Rochester Clinical Research performs clinical research trials and studies for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Study volunteers receive free study-related medical care, medicines, and a monetary stipend to compensate for their time and travel. RCR studies include such as weight loss, diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, flu vaccines, contraception, migraines, cold sores, insomnia, and smoking cessation. RCR is located in Rochester NY, serves the Finger Lakes region, and is a WBENC-Certified Women's Business Enterprise.

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Finger Lakes Clinical Research

Finger Lakes Clinical Research performs clinical research studies under principal investigator and director Sarah D. Atkinson, MD. The office is located at 885 Winton Road South, Rochester, New York 14618; telephone (585) 241 9670 and fax (585) 241 3243. The office is open weekdays 8:00am - 5:00pm.

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Health Research at the University of Rochester Medical Center

Every day, health research (also called clinical research) at the University of Rochester Medical Center is helping us find better ways to treat and prevent disease, while providing new ideas to help us all live healthier lives. In the world of health and medicine, clinical research is the way progress is made. This web site will tell you about the many good things our research is doing. And it will explain the simple steps you can take to get involved in clinical research yourself. At any given time, there are hundreds of clinical research studies going on at the University of Rochester Medical Center. In fact, there are more research studies happening at the URMC than anywhere else in the region. The website was developed so you would have an easy way to find out about those studies and determine if any of them might apply to you.

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Rochester General Research Institute

Research at Rochester General Hospital brings together expert, dedicated researchers to pursue vital clinical and translational work that impacts the health of human beings worldwide. Our work is carried out in four key Centers of Excellence: Infectious Disease and Immunology, Cancer, Cancer Vaccines and Blood Disorders, Cardiovascular Disease and Biotechnology, Bioengineering, Imaging Science, and Computing and Information Science. Research at Rochester General draws on alliances that support our pursuit of innovative solutions to human health problems. We have partnerships with these world-class medical and scientific institutions: The Cleveland Clinic: for cardiovascular diseases, The Roswell Park Cancer Institute: for cancer and cancer vaccine research and The Rochester Institute of Technology: for biotechnology, bioengineering, imaging science, and computing and information science.

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Skin Search

Our Mission is to participate in sponsor initiated clinical trials that research new therapies and procedures for conditions involving the skin, hair and nails. At Skin Search, we have over twenty years experience in conducting clinical trials, many of which successfully resulted in products and treatments that are now considered standard of care therapies nationwide. Our research protocols are industry sponsored and approved by the Food and Drug Administration while Independent Review Boards oversee patient safety and informed consent. Dr. John H. Tu, our principal investigator, has an extensive background in clinical research and directly oversees our sub-investigators and study coordinators. He is also the medical director for Dermatology Associates. As a participant at SkinSearch, you will have access to professional staff and state-of-the-art facilities that insure safety, comfort, convenience and privacy.

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Rochester Victory Alliance

Who We Are: Local pioneers in HIV vaccine studies. Global partners in the solution. Experienced Leaders in the Cause. We are very proud of the fact that the University of Rochester Medical Center was one of the first research sites in the United States to conduct HIV vaccine studies (beginning in 1988). Due to our long-term experience and expertise, we have been called on to offer guidance and assistance to other HIV studies as well. We currently work with HIV Vaccine Research teams in Sao Paulo, Brazil and Kingston, Jamaica.

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The Clinical Trials organizations above are displayed as a public service. Legal responsibility and clinical oversight associated with the conduct of the Clinical Trials rests with the organizations referenced.

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What is a Clinical Trial?

A clinical trial is a controlled scientific study done with an investigational medication to test the medication's effectiveness and safety on human beings. Many years are spent testing medications in the laboratory and in animal research to determine the medication's safety and usefulness before clinical trials are conducted to determine the medication's effect on humans. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires clinical trials on all medication before they will approve a medication for public use. Clinical trials help us find better and new ways to treat illness and disease.

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