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Rochester-area Cancer Specialists

Medical Oncologists

Medical Oncology: an Internist who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer and other benign and malignant tumors. This specialist decides on and administers therapy for these malignancies, as well as consults with surgeons and radiotherapists on other treatments for cancer.
source: American Board of Medical Specialties: Internal Medicine

Robert F Asbury MD Megan A Baumgart MD Michael W Becker MD
Peter W Bushunow MD David W Dougherty MD Jonathan W Friedberg MD
Chunkit Fung MD Aram F Hezel MD Saad Jamshed MD
Nayana R Kamath MD Zachary B Kramer MD Marcia L Krebs MD
Jason H Mendler MD Supriya G Mohile MD Marcus S Noel MD
Kristen M O'Dwyer MD Mehul P Patel MD Pradyumna D Phatak MD
Raman Qazi MBBS Deepak M Sahasrabudhe MD Pradeep S Sharda MBBS
Varsha P Sharda MD Julia L Smith MD Alexander J Solky MD
Mohamedtaki A Tejani MD Roxana C Vlad-Vonica MD Shoukri M Wisa MD
Timothy J Woodlock MD Brian D Yirinec MD  

Radiation Oncologists

Radiation Oncology: a Radiologist who deals with the therapeutic applications of radiant energy and its modifiers, and the study and management of disease, especially malignant tumors. Training required is five years: one year of clinical work followed by four years of Radiation Oncology training.
source: American Board of Medical Specialties: Radiology

Meri Atanas MD Ralph A Brasacchio MD Kevin C Bylund MD
Sheema Chawla MD Yuhchyau Chen MD Louis S Constine MD
Sughosh Dhakal MD Jan Dombrowski MD Juan Godinez MD
Dana P Hansen MD Jeffrey C Haynes MD Alan W Katz MD
Hualei Li MBBS Marilyn N Ling MD Bingren Liu MD
James C Marsh MD Michael T Milano MD, PhD Kevin J Mudd MD
Elena A Nedea MD Kristina L Novick MD Colin A Poulter MD
Haoming Carl Qiu MD Deepinder P Singh MD Kenneth Y Usuki MD
Hong Zhang MD    

Gynecologic Oncologists

Gynecologic Oncology: an Obstetrician/Gynecologist who provides consultation and comprehensive management of patients with gynecologic cancer, including those diagnostic and therapeutic procedures necessary for the total care of the patient with gynecologic cancer and resulting complications.
source: American Board of Medical Specialties: Obstetrics and Gynecology

Cynthia L Angel MD Jennifer L Brown Broderick MD Brent DuBeshter MD
Peter J Frederick MD Richard G Moore MD Adekunle O Odunsi MD
Sajeena G Thomas MD    


Hemotology-Oncology: a hematologist-oncologist is a doctor with special training in the diagnosis and treatment of blood diseases, especially blood cell cancers. This type of doctor is trained in hematology (the study of blood) and oncology (the study of cancer).

Frank Akwaa MD Omar S Aljitawi MBBS Makiko Ban-Hoefen MD
Paul M Barr MD Dirk M Bernold MD Carla Casulo MD
Gregory C Connolly MD Richard F Dunne MD James V Fetten MD
Elizabeth A Guancial MD Xiangyun Sharon He MD Alissa J Huston MD
Jainulabdeen J Ifthikharuddin MBBS Stephen M Ignaczak MD Farhan S Imran MD
Mohammad T Khan DO Jessica M Kleiner MD Brea C Lipe MD
Ronald J Maggiore MD Deborah A Mulford MD Erika E Ramsdale MD
Patrick M Reagan MD Robin M Reid MD Maria M Sbenghe MD
Michelle Shayne MD Roxana C Vlad-Vonica MD Bruce A Yirinec MD

Surgical Oncologists

Surgical-Oncology: Surgical oncology is the branch of surgery which focuses on the surgical management of cancer.

Christopher B Caldwell MD Stephen E Ettinghausen MD Eva Galka MD
Claudia Hriesik MD Kristin A Skinner MD  



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